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Your Independent Resource for the Pine Chemical Industry

Arbor combines more than 100 years of experience in pine chemicals with the resources of a strong capital partner.

Arbor recognizes the needs and challenges of today’s pine chemicals industry

We specialize in sourcing a range of pine chemical products, ranging from crude sulfated turpentine to crude tall oil, tall oil fatty acid, and tall oil rosin, and offer solutions across the pine chemical value chain:


• Sourcing raw materials and products

• Providing supply solutions

• Providing multimodal logistics

• Developing value added projects with industry partners who value an independent resource in a highly consolidated market.


Our team of professionals offers a wide range of expertise in pine chemicals, including acidulation, fractionation, and supply chain.

From the recovery of crude tall oil from black liquor soap to the fractionation of crude tall oil into its valued added components to the development of unique pine chemicals derivatives, Arbor offers multiple services in the area of supply chain management and technical development.

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Arbor’s team has more

than a century of combined

pine chemicals experience.

As an entrepreneurial organization that has partnerships with industry-leading companies, we are able to provide rapid responses to your needs.


How can we assist

your company?

Arbor has grown its expertise through relationships with large suppliers and customers throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Arbor discreetly provides pine chemical products and logistics services domestically and internationally to protect our clients supply chain positions. 

Regardless of our role, we offer real-time market solutions to our partners.

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